Where are you located?

I'm in the Netherlands :)

Why is everything in English? 

Because my audience is international! 

Ik kan ook gewoon in het Nederlands communiceren hoor :). Dus als je contact met me opneemt kan dat ook gewoon in NL.

Why are your webshops on Etsy and not directly on your site?

For now I have chosen Etsy as the platform to host my webshops because of the ease of use for international costumers. Etsy automatically translates into multiple languages, and has multiple payment options etc. They also provide an instant market audience for me. Yes, it has a lot of pro's and cons, and after weighing my options, I have decided that for now it is the way I will operate my webshops. If you want to bypass Etsy or make a custom request, e-mail me at info@owlandappletreestudio.com

Print on demand.

Some of my products are printed on demand.

What does this mean? It means that when you place your order, your order is directed to my production partner who will fulfill your order for me and send it to you. My partner has locations all over the world and will fulfill and ship to you from the location closest to you. 

Why? Because I can't make those products myself, I don't have the equipment or the space. Also it means that there is no overstock, and I can keep shipping costs and emission as low as possible.